Find Reliable Hardware Manufacturers at TechDesign

Is your hardware startup looking for reliable hardware manufacturers? You can get in touch with hardware vendors such as circuit

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3 Ways to Save Your Crowdfunding Projects through TechDesign

Last week, we shared our thoughts about why hardware manufacturing needs a transition with you, and we also briefly told

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3 Reasons Why Hardware Manufacturing Needs a Transition

You may have heard this notion being repeated over and over again by friends working at hardware startups: hardware manufacturing

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Grindbit: A Smart Teeth Grinding Tracker

Have you ever been complained about grinding your teeth at night? If you have and unfortunately, your partner happens to

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Wi-Fi Video Transmitter Module: A Smart Way for Video Transmission

Live video footage has been a huge part of our lives ever since surveillance cameras become a prevalent tool that

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Connecting Taiwan local manufacturing and the maker community

(The original Chinese version of this article is written by Yun-Chieh Hsu and published on MakerPRO)  Taiwan has very rich

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UDOO X86: A Powerful Development Board for Makers

If you still remember, TechDesign wrote about the success of Raspberry Pi and Arduino in the past two weeks. What they share

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Introducing the UMind Sound Module: A Smart Home Solution

Have you been looking for ways to make sound distribution more efficient at your house? While the consumer electronics market

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Embracing Maker: Realtek Released Ameba Arduino SDK

(The original Chinese version of this article is written by Mr. Owen Min-Chuan Ou and originally published on MakerPRO.)  The

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