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Introducing the Glance Clock: Your First Smart Clock

In the age of smart objects, it is not surprising that many things are becoming smarter through technology and the power of innovation. As more resources are dedicated to improving the quality of our lives through technological innovation, people are able to turn many long-time dreams into realities through this process. Objects like clocks are endowed with new functions and indirectly make our lives more convenient. TechDesign comes across one such smart clock on the Internet and would like to share it with you.

The world’s first smart clock 

We have heard of smart watch and seen how much difference it can bring to our lives. Now a startup from Singapore sees the need to turn clock into an even smarter object, so they put in resources and come up with the world’s first smart wall clock, the Glance Clock. It lets users achieve so much more than just telling what time of the day it is. Users are able to connect their wearable devices, smart home devices, web applications and third party applications to the clock and display the redirected data on it. In other words, Glance Clock can be used as the information hub in your house. When you are ready to leave your house, you no longer have to take out your phone to look for information about weather, because it is all prepared for you on the Glance Clock.

Via glanceclock.com
Via glanceclock.com

According to Glance, they provide a new way for users to learn about their smarthome data. What happens is when the clock redirects all the collected data to its system, it will analyze and categorize different sets of information, and redisplay it in an easy-to-glance way. Apart from that, users can easily learn about their sleeping patterns and other vital daily activities once their wellness apps or fitness trackers are connected to the Glance Clock. The best part of all though, is its function of letting users customize the clock based on their personal goals. The information displayed will be based on the initial goals you set.

If you wonder how does the clock display different sets of data without confusing users, the secret lies in its multi-color LED display. If you want to see the clock in action, check out the video below:

(Via Anton Zriashchev on Youtube)

The Glance Clock has been gathering momentum around the world and they were also invited to present at TechCrunch earlier this year. Here’s the introductory clip featuring the two fonuders, Anton and Alex:

(Via TechCrunch on Youtube)

If you are also fascinated by this elegantly designed smart wall clock like we do, you should check out their website and perhaps order one from them. TechDesign will continue to bring you other amazing products launched by brilliant startup teams worldwide, so stay tuned. If you have opinions or suggestions for us, feel free to drop them in the comments.


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