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Introducing Nexpaq: A Customizable Smartphone Case

Ever since the popularization of smartphones, several relevant merchandises also follow in the footsteps. Among all of them, smartphone case is one particular sector that has witnessed booming growth. Smartphone case manufacturers are able to secure their own groups of loyal clients based on their different needs. Some smartphone cases become popular because of their stunning appearance, and some are known for their protection or other unique features. TechDesign also comes across one such special smartphone case that will definitely catch your attention. It is nexpaq, the world’s first modular smartphone case.

What is a modular smartphone case? 

Kickedoff on Kickstarter back in April 2015, nexpaq lets users customize and add new functions to their smartphones through modules. What is so good about this case is that it does not require you to turn off your phone while adding the modules. All you need to do is sliding the little squares into the back of the case and you can empower your smartphone with whatever extra function that you’ve chosen to add. The case comes with 12 different modules, and each module represents one function. Some of the interesting functions include temperature and humidity control, USB flash drive, laser, SD card reader and more.

Via nexpaq.com
Via nexpaq.com

According to nexpaq’s website, the modular case adopts the cross-platform technology, which means it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If you wonder what is the benefit that comes with this, it basically means that you can ask a group of friends to each get one or two modules and you guys can swap modules with each other since it works on all brands of smartphones. Another great point of owning a nexpaq is that you don’t need to get yourself a new case even if you switch to another phone, because its cross-platform compatibility lets you stick with the same case.

Apart from its main function of letting users customize their smartphones, nexpaq also wants to help accelerate hardware and software innovation. They not only encourage interested developers to create new nexpaq modules, but also aim to help hardware companies extend their market reach without relying on other manufacturers.

Via nexpaq on Kickstarter.com
Via nexpaq on Kickstarter.com

The nexpaq is expecting to add more modules to its existing collection in the coming months. If you want to learn more about how to use this remarkable smartphone case, the nexpaq team has prepared a video to help you understand how the case works:

(Via nexpaq on Youtube)

For those who want to better understand the details of this magical smartphone case, you can visit their website or Kickstarter profile to learn more about it. Last but not the least, we always welcome any suggestions or opinions coming our way, so don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section.

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