What are the Electronic Product Process?

The entire electronic manufacturing is a hugely complex process, and for a newcomer, it’s just plain difficult to actually see, foresee, and plan for the contingencies that may arise as the product goes through its design and production phases.

Our infographic illustrates key stages of the hardware product development process for a Startup (concept to prototype) to Electronic Manufacturing Service (samples to products).

Electronic Product Process
electronics manufacturing services

Start-up / concept to prototype / 0-1

1. Idea – Mockup
2. EVT Engineering Validation Test, meeting all functional requirements
prototype, OSHW+3DP, Main Chip Select

EMS (Electronics manufacturing services) / sample to products / 1-100

3. DVT Design Validation Test meeting all functional requirements, cosmetic/appearance requirements
Engineer samples, ME tooling, PCB layout, Certification, Module design
4. PVT Production Validation Test meeting all functional requirements, cosmetic/appearance requirements, with great manufacturability metrics.
Pilot run, Testing fixture, PCB fabrication, Reliability test
5. MP – Mass production, Yield rate, Failure analysis, Packing
6. Ship – sea/air, express, custom

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