Introducing the Bluetooth Soundbar 2.1: A Smart Sound Solution

If you have been closely following the development of soundbar in the past few years, you may already know the

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4/4 – 4/8 Weekly Recap Part 1

As the first week of April soon comes to an end, TechDesign has also prepared our first weekly recap of

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Getting to Know MakerPRO Part 2: Vision and Future Plans

Continuing with our interview with MakerPRO‘s co-founder, Owen Ou, TechDesign will share his vision and future plan for Taiwan’s maker movement

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The Solartab: the World’s First Solar Charger

We have seen different types of chargers throughout the years, and with the innovation of technology comes better and more

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PLM and TechDesign Part 1: PLM for Startups and Individual Makers

If you still remember, TechDesign wrote a series of posts about how our platform, TechDesign.com, can redefine the whole electronic

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