Lumiere Diffuser: An IoT Health Solution for Essential Oil Lovers

If you are a die-hard essential oil enthusiast, then an oil diffuser that was recently revealed in France will certainly catch your attention. A french startup, Lumiere, recently unveiled the world’s first IoT essential oil diffuser at CES 2016. The team of 3 recent graduates storms the tech world with a unique product that has never been introduced before, and it plans to start crowdfunding on Kickstarter at the end of this month. TechDesign is impressed by the innovative ideas and enthusiasm of the Lumiere team, so we hereby want to spend some time to introduce this brilliant product to you all.

How does it work? 

To make a new product successful, it needs to have a unique and top-notch look, and that is exactly what the Lumiere team had in mind when they designed the oil diffuser. It comes with a very modern look that is made of shiny metallic materials. This design helps to maintain oil diffuser’s essence as a high-end consumer product. Apart from an eye-catching appearance, Lumiere oil diffuser also takes many user experiences into account as they develop their product. It offers 4 different capsules based on the fact that users seem to enjoy blending different essential oil’s scent. On top of that, the capsules are designed as plug and play so it only takes seconds to remove or plug a capsule. Last but not the least, the diffuser doesn’t require any cleaning because the spreading actually happens with the capsule.

Another major feature of the diffuser lies with the smartphone App designed to control it. By installing the App on smartphones, users can easily control the diffuser based on their mood, schedule or even the volume of their rooms. To trigger the diffuser, users simply need to tap on their smartphones. For more customized usage, users can automate it with an alarm clock or cyclic programming. Additionally, users can even specify the source of their allergies through the App so the diffuser can adjust its blending and ensure safe usage. According to its website, the ultimate goal of the Lumiere diffuser is to promote smart health and well-being management through the automated diffuser.

Via live-smart.co
Via live-smart.co

Inspiration and mission 

Any great piece of design is accompanied by inspiration and a mission that the creators want to carry out, and there is no exception to Lumiere. The 3 young entrepreneurs were brought together by their shared commitments to improving people’s overall health condition and life quality with their skills, and they all wish to achieve it through some form of innovation. As a result, they came up with the idea of an essential oil diffuser that is powered by the trending IoT technology. They envisioned that the release of Lumiere diffuser can be part of the larger trend of bettering personal care with technology, and with the creation of a smart and automatic essential oil diffuser, it can largely improve essential oil lovers’ experiences with the device.

TechDesign’s introduction above may only be a brief version of the whole package’s function. If you wish to learn more about the brilliant product, TechDesign encourages you to check out their product introduction. The Lumiere team plans to begin their Kickstarter pre-sale campaign on January 26, so if you find the product to be something you must have, don’t hesitate to visit their Kickstarter profile and show them your support.

As always, TechDesign hope our efforts to highlight this awesome IoT diffuser can help them attract more attention. If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share them at the comments section.


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