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Drone Sanity is Happening Around the World

We all know that drone is the next hit thing, and there have been hundreds of experimental products building upon this prototype. It has proven that our shared imagination and love for flying have indeed helped to accelerate the development of drone-related technology. It can only do this movement justice by naming it Drone Sanity. However, you must be as curious as TechDesign about how people are actually bringing drones to lives. So, we have come across two distinct examples and want to share them with you.

The anti-gravity drone 

Drone Flight Norway shared a brief video showing how they are experimenting with an anti-gravity serving tray style drone. The eye-catching moment of this demonstration is how the cup of orange juice survives a 360-degrees trick without spilling any drop of the juice. You probably think that this is a scam, but check out their brief video and you will probably drop your jaw like the rest of us at TechDesign have experienced. Enjoy it:

(Via Tek.no on Youtube)

Package delivery through drones 

DHL has launched a new program of delivering packages with unmanned drones, and in large numbers. So far it has done that with a hundred drones, which sends a killer punch to competitors like Amazon. While the project is still at trial, only taking place in couple towns in Germany, the delivering company has no plan to terminate it anytime soon. But how does this exactly work? Residents in that designated area can drop off the packages at a locker, and the drones will then take over from there. The drones, named parcelcopters, are capable of completing a five-mile trip within eight minutes. Magical, isn’t it? It will be interesting to see how this project gets elevated to the global scale.

Via smart-magazine.com
Via smart-magazine.com

As you can see, drones are no longer just a thing that exists in people’s conversation and imagination, but rather a technology that companies are enthusiastically pursuing and bringing it to life. As the related technologies continue to mature, it is unlikely that the drone sanity will quiet down anytime soon.

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