PLM and TechDesign Part 2: How do We Come into the Picture?

In Part 1 of the PLM and TechDesign series, we shared our takeaways from a seminar that we attended in Taipei last week about PLM for startups and individual makers. If you want to refresh your memories about what we talked about, you can refer to the complete post here. However, we realize that it is necessary to write another post that helps you understand how are we related to the whole PLM process. As you may have known, our team has been busy working on a platform, TechDesign.com, which is aiming to move the whole electronic development process online. However, you may still wonder how can startups and makers use the platform to achieve what they traditionally conduct in the PLM process, so we hereby, dedicate Part 2 of this series to helping you have a clear idea about TechDesign‘s relationship to PLM.

How does TechDesign.com revamp PLM for startups and makers? 

As we mentioned in the previous post, for startups and makers, the most important phases in the whole PLM process are budgeting and scheduling. With limited resources, they need to ensure that every dime is spent correctly. However, in the traditional offline PLM process, the flow of information isn’t always transparent and it can be time-consuming to determine which deal benefits them the most. However, with the help of TechDesign.com, this problem can be easily solved. Startups can easily compare the quotation offered by different designers then decide which deal fits their budget the best. In other words, the platform is in a way designed for startup’s best interest.


And there is the problem with scheduling and deliverable submission. In the past, startups and makers have to monitor the production process by themselves. Any delay or failed delivery can mean a huge blow to their future development. Coupled with the need to provide multiple deliverables, startups and makers are constantly under immense pressure. However, TechDesign.com helps to put scheduling and deliverable submission into the hands of startups and makers. They can set the project’s timeline based on their preference and divide it into 5 or fewer milestones. Additionally, they can determine what deliverables to submit in which milestone. These convenient features that come with TechDesign.com not only lift the pressure  off startups and makers but also improve their overall experiences during the PLM process.

One other huge difference that can be made by TechDesign.com is payment method. TechDesign knows all too well the potential concerns that startups and makers may have about payment security. As a result, we implement escrow payment service to TechDesign.com as a way to ensure payment security. The submitted payment will only be released to designers when deliverables are approved and deadlines are met. Startups and makers no longer need to wrestle with anxiety because they can easily track the project status and payment status through TechDesign.com


We hope you have gained some valuable understanding about how startups and individual makers can benefit from TechDesign.com in the PLM process. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.



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