10 IF/THEN STATEMENTS to Avoid Fake Electronics Components

As designers and developers in this rapidly expanding industry create smart devices and categorize themselves as IoT (Internet of Things) Companies, so many people may make the mistake or in most cases run into a problem when trying to choose the right electronic components for their projects. What also happens because of the world we live in there are many times fake and defective components sold to designers who are all just trying to create the very best product. Cost is an important consideration but should not be the determining factor of choosing the right components.

Component Quality Determines Product Success

Finding reliable and reputable sources for your component needs should come first. This comes into further significance when you decide to move your project to the final phase of taking your product to MP (Mass Production). The success of your project most likely relies on how much volume is sold. What usually happens when volume is achieved is lower component cost. So this is why cost should not be the immediate factor to decide on what components are used for your projects. But if you only worry about cost, there are many traps or obstacles that may make your project unsuccessful from the very beginning.

With the creation of all these new companies and devices that fall under IoT, they should be aware that the longevity of the product, the ease of use and the plug-n-play capability of such devices makes a consumer buy the product. In choosing the right components that make up your design, you need to follow some very straight rules. We’d like to introduce a list just to grab your attention on what is a very serious consideration that you have to make when designing and developing your product.

Top 10 IF/THEN STATEMENTS to Avoid Fake Electronics Components

1) IF the price is unusually cheap
a. THEN it is most likely not the best component for your project.
i. Fakes are usually found after you buy the cheapest.

2) IF components are offered to you from a street side vendor
a. THEN it is fake…or a really good imitation…
i. It’s quite risky to get the components from unreliable vendors.

3) IF components are given to you without any documentation or worse in a paper bag
a. THEN it is probably not what you would call quality product
i. Make sure you get the specs

4) IF serial numbers (not part number) or scratches are observed on a board and/or components
a. THEN it is a cause of concern and most likely a fake
i. It also could be a used component.

5) IF the components come from a documented (in writing) certified factory
a. THEN just make sure the factory actually exists
i. Get the address…Get the website…Get the info

6) IF you design your own products starting with samples to integrate all the components together
a. THEN you lower your risk and can pin point which components are not for your design.
i. Components that overheat, burn or even catch fire are to be avoided at all cost

7) IF the component dealer tells you to meet at a restaurant to give you the product
a. THEN most likely it’s not a good decision to get the components from.
i. Qualified distributors or original manufacturers never deliver products in this way

8) IF you are offered more components than you need as buffer
a. THEN ask for the reliability testing and why so much buffer is needed
i. Too much excess is never a good thing

9) IF the component has strange smell or toxic feel to it
a. THEN it is bad and most likely a fake
i. Avoid this totally no component should be toxic

10) IF the part numbers and logo don’t match
a. THEN most likely it is fake
i. Rubbing the numbers out with your thumb is not a good thing

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TechDesign is here for all your needs. These IF/THEN Statements are to be entertaining so to make it a point that in order to have good designs and products use our experts to help guide you along the right path. From project beginning to end, TechDesign is a platform helping you use reputable sources and reliable suppliers to get the components with the competitive price, including Flash IC, Mobile DRAM, Microcontroller, MLCC, Chip Resistors, etc. Additionally, TechDesign can provide the guidance in selecting suppliers that you will need if you look to make your product go to MP at a qualified factory.

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