The TechDesign Team: What You Need to Know about Us Part 1

If you ask us why we decide to create a platform, all we can simply tell you is because of the love for innovation and building meaningful connection. We believe that technological advancement can be applied in many different ways, but what matters to us is how does it improve people’s lives and experiences. With many years of experiences in the field of electronic design and engineering, our team knows all too well what are the persisting challenges that the industry is facing. We faced the difficulties of rolling ideas out to actual products, finding the right partner, and securing the adequate resources. We realize that in order for all the innovative ideas that are sprouting up around us to be recognized and developed properly, we need to use the existing and readily available technology to achieve this. This is where the idea of our e-commerce platform starts.


However, while we offer a platform that innovators in the field can showcase their brilliant designs with other like-minded individuals and companies, the problems of how to effectively help them build sustainable partnership and ensure deals don’t fall through remain. As a result, we put efforts into designing a model that can link individual designers, buyers or corporations to the right partners. Traditionally, the whole process may take a long time, and it is never guaranteed that the partners they thought to be perfect can be completely trustworthy. To prevent that from happening, our model incorporates escrow payment and online project status tracking that make all project related information transparent and easy to track. This is how we help to build sustainable partnership that is effective and stable.

Solution provider that strives for community formation 

Despite the fact that TechDesign is labelled as a solution provider, what we actually strive for is more than just that. We wish to focus on bringing together a group of people that also believe in mutually benefiting each other through cooperation and information exchange, instead of just concentrating on hitting the profit goals. After all, if each company only focus on growing their businesses, the overall atmosphere will remain competitive and hostile. Competitions will be considered as threats, and they will do whatever they can to force competitors out of the game. We don’t want to continue these medieval practices and wish to refresh the big environment through our solutions. This perfectly explains why TechDesign is actively engaging with members in the community and highlighting all the great stuff that is happening. From here on, we hope to establish an environment that promoting, sharing, and exchanging innovative ideas or useful information is the norm, but not just a practice that companies use to profit themselves.

What you get in return by joining us? 

If the information above still sounds somewhat vague and you wonder what you can get in return, we want to help you understand what we have to offer. One huge feature of TechDesign is our ability to digitize the whole process of electronics development and our expertise in digital marketing. By joining us, you are automatically guaranteed to enjoy free online marketing that helps your design to reach our massive number of members. On top of that, you no longer need to hectically engage in back-and-forth phone calls or e-mails with clients or business partners, because our platform brings all these functions together under one umbrella. From locating partners, project tracking to payment submission, it can all be accomplished through TechDedisgn‘s intuitive platform.

Up until now, we hope you have accumulated some key understandings about TechDesign‘s belief and service. However, this also doesn’t just paint a complete picture about us. As the saying goes, each great piece of work is formed by the characters that compliment every aspect of it. So stay tuned, because we have more about our team to share with you.

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