How TechDesign Helps Companies Profit through the Platform?

As TechDesign has mentioned in several posts in the past few months, we are dedicated to redefining the process of electronics development and transforming the electronics value chain in an innovative way. Our tool and solution is the platform that we are currently building. Once completed, TechDesign envisions it to benefit all companies in the electronics industry. However, TechDesign understands the limited effect that texts can generate when trying to explain an abstract concept, so our brilliant design team has produced several graphics that can help you easily understand the benefits our platform, TechDesign.com can bring to you.

Profit from your ideas 

As a platform that dedicates to shortening the distance between OEMs, OCMs, ODMs and IDHs, TechDesign.com is created to let all submitted design requests become profit-generating machines for companies. For companies who wish to turn their design ideas into actual products, TechDesign.com is the perfect gateway to reach IDHs worldwide. By signing up on TechDesign.com and submitting your design requests, our platform will help display the requests to all of the IDHs using our service.

Without having to physically communicate with the IDHs, companies simply need to maintain contact with IDHs through TechDesign.com. The IDHs will then manufacture the products based on the requests. Once the cases are completed, the end products become a profitable item for companies. The most important fact is the whole process is carried out digitally, which saves both sides from lots of the troubles that come with traditional methods. In order to help you easily grasp the impact that TechDesign.com can bring to companies, we have produced the graphic below to give you a clear visual sense:


Profit from designs 

On the other hand, TechDesign.com also serves as a gateway for OEMs, ODMs and OCMs to display their reference designs and profit from them. TechDesign has recruited a group of “Premier Designers” to offer their reference designs for IDHs to acquire and adapt into something that suits their customer bases. These Premier Designers simply need to submit their reference designs to TechDesign.com , and TechDesign can do the rest for them. We will re-polish the reference designs in a visually and conceptually understandable and appealing way. Our array of IDHs will be able to apply to gain access to certain reference designs. Once the OEMs and OCMs receive applications, they can decide whether to grant IDHs access to their reference designs. This whole process will be carried out on TechDesign.com digitally, and it saves both sides from having to struck each deal separately. The digital power that comes with using TechDesign.com can truly be game-changing. Again, our team prepares an easy-to-understand graphic below that helps you to better understand the concept.


As always, TechDesign wants to ensure that you have absorbed the concepts that we are trying to explain here. We will have more posts in the coming days to introduce how our platform can help you effortlessly achieve the business goals that you want to achieve. If you have any suggestion or opinion, please don’t hesitate to leave them at the comment section.



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