From Concept to Production: 5 Key Steps to Manufacturing Your Electronic Device

Unlike software, hardware development is long and costly. Hardware startups looking to bring their electronic device to mass production need

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What You Should Know about Hardware Development

(The Chinese version of this article is written by Yun-Chieh Hsu and published on MakerPRO)  If you are a startup

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3 Reasons Why Hardware Manufacturing Needs a Transition

You may have heard this notion being repeated over and over again by friends working at hardware startups: hardware manufacturing

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Learn to Build an Autonomous Rover with PXFMini and Raspberry Pi

We live in the time when automation in nearly everything is what we are pursuing in life, and innovating technology

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IoT and Its Butterfly Effect on Hardware Manufacturing

(The original Chinese version of the article is written by Lman and published on MakerPRO and Entrepreneur Adventure)  The phrase “IoT”

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Wi-Fi Video Transmitter Module: A Smart Way for Video Transmission

Live video footage has been a huge part of our lives ever since surveillance cameras become a prevalent tool that

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Introducing Nexpaq: A Customizable Smartphone Case

Ever since the popularization of smartphones, several relevant merchandises also follow in the footsteps. Among all of them, smartphone case

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2/22 – 2/26 Weekly Recap Part 2

TechDesign is back with the last two posts of the week. If you still remember, we ended the last weekly recap

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