Introducing the Android Smartwatch: Your Way Into Smart Wearables

Smartwatch has been one of the hottest wearable devices in the past few years, with major players like Apple and Samsung both releasing their own versions of smartwatches to woo customers. TechDesign recognizes the immense potential of this booming sector, so we hereby want to introduce the Android Smartwatch from our partner at Shenzhen LianShouZhangKong Co to you.

How does it work? 

From its appearance, the Android Smartwatch doesn’t look that much different from regular digital watches, but with a closer look, you may notice the much larger amount of information that the Smartwatch displays on its screen. If you wonder where does all those information come from, it is actually imported from an Android smartphone connected through Bluetooth. The connection allows users to make phone calls with the smartwatch, so they never have to actually take out their phones to achieve that. Additionally, it also enables contact synchronization and contact search, which literally turns the smartwatch into a wrist style mobile phone.


In case you wonder what other benefits does the smartwatch bring, its wrist design makes the whole smartphone user experience all the more intuitive and less cumbersome. As a watch, it definitely needs to include the functions that a normal watch will have. From stopwatch, alarm to countdown, it is a fully functioning watch with all the great add-ons that come with the simple Bluetooth connection.

If you often have trouble keeping your things in sight, the Android Smartwatch can be your potential solution, because even when the phone is separated from the smartwatch, as long as it is within 5 meters, the smartwatch can still keep track of the location of the phone. So if you often have to look for your phone, you can consider getting an Android Smartwatch to remind you where the phone is. The same can be done to the Smartwatch when it is separated from your smartphone. The phone can be used as a detector to find the missing smartwatch.

What are other unique add-ons? 


Like mentioned in the beginning, the SmartWatch can display a large amount of information, including weather condition and date. On top of that, it also possesses other smartphone functions such as memo and calculator. In the age when smartphones have become most people’s first choice of camera, the smartwatch can come in handy because users can place their smartphones at a certain location, and use the smartwatch to control the smartphone’s camera. After photographing, users can immediately access the captured images through the smartwatch. This makes smartphone photography more flexible than ever before. The unique add-ons don’t just stop here. Users are also able to receive notification regarding software upgrade through the smartwatch. It is just as convenient and useful as a smartphone.

TechDesign hopes that our brief introduction above has helped you to gain some thorough understanding about the Android Smartwatch. In case you are interested in the complete detail of the Smartwatch, please refer to the product profile here. As always, TechDesign welcomes any opinions or suggestion, so if you want to share them with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the comment section.





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