Build Handheld Medical Device with Low Power and Robust Security MCUs

Smart Healthcare Trend in Global Market

Based on the data from Stratistics MRC (2018), the compound annual growth rate of smart healthcare market is expected to reach 15.4%. From the aspect of technology, the cloud system will be the key point of the market growth. Additionally, with the increasing smart phone market penetration rate and the mobile app usage in the health care industry, there will be more opportunities for the market growth. In terms of products, there will be more and more low-power wearables integrating with health index detection.

The overall smart healthcare trend is how to transmit the health data to medical personnel and how to improve the health resource efficiency. So how the medical personnel get the accurate and real-time data in a safe way will be the main demand.

Personal handheld medical device market share
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Build Highly Security Medical Device with Nuvoton MCUs

Nuvoton M261 microcontrollers, Based on Arm Cortex-M23 Core, provide high accuracy 12-bit ADC to have the sampling rate reach 3.76 MSPS and effectively detect the test paper voltage to judge glucose concentration. Another demand is to secure the personal health index in the handheld devices. Nuvoton M261 series MCUs provide the secure boot function; with a series of verification, it ensures the device is booted by a trusted user. The 3rd demand is that to improve the user interface of the handheld medical device, the device is gradually changing monochrome display to color TN-LCD. Nuvoton M261 provides EBI (External Bus Interface) to connect the color display to provide better user experience. Also, M261 series provide 12-bit DAC to output stable reference voltage to test the current and voltage of the test paper.

Nuvoton MCU

Numbers of well-known brands from Europe, China, Japan, and Korea have used Nuvoton MCUs to develop their blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters. 32-bit low power M261 microcontrollers are applied to blood glucose meters, while 8051 (ML51) microcontrollers are used in entry level pulse oximeter, M261 used in high level ones.

Ready for Your Handheld Medical Device?

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