How does TechDesign Revamp the Process of electronic development?

Via emec-prototyping.com
Via emec-prototyping.com

If you still remember the very first post on our blog, then you probably remember that we talked about the process of electronic development, and briefly explained how TechDesign can help to transform it. However, we realize that to make the association between electronic development and TechDesign more understandable, we need to spend more time to walk you through the features of our website, so the long-term impact that the website can have on the industry will be obvious.

Electronic development 101 

Via engineersblog.org
Via engineersblog.org

As we have mentioned before, all electronic development starts with a raw idea, either something brand new or an inspiration derived from an existing product. From there, the wheel of electronic development starts spinning, which requires identify the need of the product, market research and how to manufacture it. In the early stage, it will be research-heavy because as the saying goes, for something to be successful, you need to first know your environment, challenges, threats and enemies well. The research results will mostly come to help during the electronic design period. From here on, the cycle will go through several design-focus periods which the tasks range from circuit board design, packaging design to prototype production. After the prototype is completed, it will go through careful review and evaluation of its function, appearance, cost and improvements. This is a turning point within the electronic development process, because this stage is to fine-tune the initial prototype, which means letting it better fit the original goals.

Via en.wikipedia.org
Via en.wikipedia.org

As mentioned in a previous article on electronic design, a prototype will run through several tests before becoming a viable, mass producible product. What follows is getting ready all the necessary documents related to the product, which are considered part of the final deliverable. These documents will help to make the product as close to a complete package as possible. Every product that wishes to be mass produced needs to comply to certain security or legal standards, so this is usually the stage that follows document preparation. It is highly desirable that products meet these standards before hitting the market. Once it enters actual production, several sets of manufacturing related data should be periodically gathered and reviewed. These reviews are beneficial to the marketing and design works later on. The process above is roughly what the whole idea of electronic development is about.

What differences can TechDesign make? 


In the first post, we briefly introduced the idea that TechDesign moves the whole electronic development process to the cyberspace. To let you better understand the differences that TechDesign can bring to electronic development, you need to first understand that the process of electronic development can involve multiple parties and traditionally, the back-and-forth communication, deliverable submitting and project tracking can all be a pain in the ass for companies. TechDesign knows these challenges all too well, so we develop this platform that not only solves the problem of locating the right partner, but also digitizes many originally lengthy processes.


Companies can now form partnership, start the conversation, sign NDA, provide quotation, track project status and submit deliverables all through one platform. What is even better is that communication between different parties can now become convenient and easy to track through the discussion function on the platform. If you ever had the experience of paying for a project but fail to receive the deliverable, then TechDesign also has that covered for you. We use escrow service so the fund will only be released when the expectations are met.


Overall, TechDesign‘s creation signals the evolution of electronic development, which now relies on the power of technology to make it more fluid and more flexible. Many risks that might traditionally be the concerns for companies are now things of the past. How the industry responds to this evolution still takes time to determine, but TechDesign is fully ready to help initiate this process.

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