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See How Electronic Design and TechDesign are Interconnected

If you are a loyal follower of the most trendy and latest electronic gadgets on the market, but wonder how they are designed, you definitely need some basic knowledge about electronic design. Electronic design is the base of all kinds of electronics, from consumer electronic products to electronic products tailored to specific industries. Decisions about an electronic product’s function, components, price, and life span are made at this stage, and  these decisions often will affect end users’ experience with the product. If you are wondering what does TechDesign have anything to do with electronic design, then don’t worry, because we have prepared the following brief to help you better understand the relationship between the two.

Electronic design as a tradition 

Via pbsgridworks.com
Via pbsgridworks.com

To better understand electronic design, you need to first learn about the cycle of electronic design. Traditionally, electronic design follows a 6 phase cycle and they are key to the mass-manufacturing of the final product. It all starts with the requirement phase where all information about the product’s feature and specifications need to be provided for the design team to move on to the next phase. After obtaining the requirements, key parts of the electronic product will be chosen, and this also includes collecting sub-circuits that are necessary to the final product. Then, it is time to produce the prototype based on all the collected information and key components. Engineers will team up with designers to help build the layout of critical circuits within the prototype.

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Via musicfromouterspace.com

Once the prototype is completed, it is time to run it through all kinds of tests, so the design team can make sure that the product meets the requirements. The next stage is also crucial because the design team will conduct comprehensive evaluation of the requirements and function and determine whether to roll the prototype out to mass production. If the evaluation result is positive, the whole cycle will enter its last phase, where the prototype will go into production, where designers will assist engineers if any problem rises. If the evaluation result turns out negative, the whole cycle will go back to the beginning.

How does TechDesign transform electronic design? 


TechDesign comes into the picture of electronic design by digitizing parts of the cycle, including connecting buyer to the suitable designer, and allowing individual designers to acquire reference designs offered by major design houses and customize it into other solutions that fit the needs of their customers. Additionally, buyers no longer have to track project status in the traditional way, because they can easily achieve it through our platform, which also provides payment protection through the escrow payment service. The benefits don’t just end here. Users can also communicate effortlessly through the discussion feature that comes with the platform. Of course, all the communication will be protected since the platform requires both parties to sign NDAs before moving into business related discussion or deals. Simply put it this way, TechDesign is helping to make the process of electronic design more fluid and flexible than ever before.

If you are an electronic designer looking for more effortless ways to carry out the electronic design cycle, TechDesign can be your best solution.


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