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2 thoughts on “Will Chip Shortage Stretch into the End of 2022?

  1. Please check and advise if you have any suggestions to supply us with the ST MCU STM32G474RBT3 and ON Semiconductor gate driver Dual IC MCP14A0304T-E/MNY or any alternatives is considerable. We urgently need 2000pcs MCU and 4000pcs driver IC and the other 4000pcs MCU and 8000pcs driver IC within 6-8 months.

    1. Hi Jerry, thanks for your inquiry! Currently, we can provide Nuvoton MCUs M480 series (https://bit.ly/3D1A3IG) as a similar component for ST MCU STM32G474RBT3. Could you see if it works for you? Our team will be happy to help if you’re interested. Thanks!

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