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Raspberry Pi Based Wireless FM Microphone: A DIY Maker Project

If you still remember, TechDesign introduced a wireless microphone solution from our partner at Nuvoton Technology back in January. The design relies

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Introducing SmartFit Mini: A Multi-Functional Bracelet

Health tracking and monitoring have become the top priority in many people’s lives, and technology has been playing the crucial

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Introducing the Glance Clock: Your First Smart Clock

In the age of smart objects, it is not surprising that many things are becoming smarter through technology and the

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Introducing the ASMO Charger: A Safer Choice for Smartphone Users

It is certainly common sense for all mobile phone users to unplug their chargers before leaving for work or school since the

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Introducing AirBolt: A Smart Luggage Lock

Do you ever have trouble with your luggage locks while traveling? Users of traditional luggage locks often face the problem

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