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Introducing the Glance Clock: Your First Smart Clock

In the age of smart objects, it is not surprising that many things are becoming smarter through technology and the

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3/14 – 3/18 Weekly Recap Part 1

As all of you know, our weekly recap is back again. During the week, TechDesign brought you some great contents about

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Introducing Reecam: A Cloud-Based Webcam Solution

Webcams have been an irreplaceable tool for many of us in the past decade, as companies and individuals use it

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Introducing the ASMO Charger: A Safer Choice for Smartphone Users

It is certainly common sense for all mobile phone users to unplug their chargers before leaving for work or school since the

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Nuvoton USB Driving Simulation System: Your Personal Driving Coach

Getting driver’s license has become a thing for young adults worldwide once they pass the legal age to drive. Traditionally,

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Introducing AirBolt: A Smart Luggage Lock

Do you ever have trouble with your luggage locks while traveling? Users of traditional luggage locks often face the problem

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