5 Inspiring Hardware Startup Instagrams

Instagram is a time consuming social media marketing effort, but if done correctly, your hard work will definitely pay off. Here are 5 amazing hardware startups with really cool Instagram accounts.


What they do : Migo is developing an automated clothing care device that remove wrinkles & sterilize clothing.

What makes their Instagram Account Awesome : You witness the company’s growth from ground up firsthand. Although they do not share pictures that often, they are definitely a very inspiring group of people.

To check out their instagram, click here.


Move It

A photo posted by Move It (@moveit.fitness) on

What They Do : They claim to be the first Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym.  Combined with IoT devices, these handles are connected to an app that can track your progress and keep you fit.

What Makes their Instagram Account Awesome : You get to see amazing athletes testing the product. Great for people who like following athletes, and technology.

To check out their instagram, click here.



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What They Do : Dadamachines aims to “make music tangible”. They produce Musicmachines for everyone; all you have to do is plug and play. They are planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign soon.

What Makes their Instagram Account Awesome : Although they do not post often, I loved their product. Their Musicmachines look fun and entertaining, I loved their demo videos where you can see their product in action.

To check out their instagram, click here.


A photo posted by SENIC (@heysenic) on

What They Do : German Company Senic, produces great solutions for smart homes. Their first product Nuimo is a wireless controller for your music, lighting, room temperature and more. Nuimo’s award winning design allows users to experience seamless interaction with their smart products.

What Makes their Instagram Account Awesome : Senic staff is highly active on Instagram and are very lucky to be in Berlin; one of the best places to be in for entrepreneurs in Europe. Those curious about German startups can get a fun and candid glimpse of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Berlin.

To check out their instagram, click here.


Project Lockit

What They Do : A smart bag charm with interchangeable skins that prevents you from losing or misplacing your smartphone.

What Makes their Instagram Account Awesome : Although their last post was almost a year ago, you get to see their first prototypes; truly inspiring for those who are just starting out. Their account reminds everyone that every business has its baby steps, and can potentially be a success.

To check out their instagram, click here.

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